Kia ora all ... I'm into my 3rd month of bikram and I'm pleased to say that I still enjoy it! LOL! Prior to starting with Bikram Yoga Hastings, I was walking, zumba-ing, and was a regular at gravity pilates ... but I was having trouble with my archilles and had very sore feet when I got up in the morning. It would take a wee while for them to loosen up enough so I could walk. I'm in awe of what Bikram has done. I get out of bed in the morning, now, and can walk with no pain. I still have a bit of discomfort in the balancing poses, but as they say at BYH, "give it time! It'll happen!" The detox has been amazing too. While I still feel I need to let things 'go', I feel 'lighter' somehow ... like things aren't as bad as I make them out to be. There's still a bit of 'letting go' to do, but the more I listen (yes, listen ... lol), the stronger I seem to get in my resolve. I have to say, I prefer the express classes. At first I thought I was cheating myself. But I find I get a really good cardio workout from moving faster through the poses. As well as that, it's mentally challenging because you only get one chance to do the best you can in the pose before moving on to the next. All-in-all it's it has been the most rewarding decision I've made and Bikram Yoga Hastings have made it one of the best rides ever! The teacher with his sense of humour (sometimes a little borderline) and his side kick for her encouragement and her knack for keeping the teacher informed and disciplined (yay girl power eh BFF!!!). Remember, "SET THE INTENTION"!!! BYH is a refuelling station, its great to be strong and healthy and have regular energy top ups at BYH.


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