Well after 3 years of slogging at the gym, I was introduced to Bikram Yoga.

Who would have thought breathing and stretching exercises could be sooooo beneficial.


So I need to share my Bikram Yoga Journey with you.

I am not the first book on the shelf, and have had some serious injuries following a car accident.


After 3 years doing Bikram Yoga the benefits and life changes for me have been outstanding, and though I am stronger and have energy to burn these days, I still have not mastered all the exercises completely – Hmmm to my expectations anyway.


While the benefits for my body and mind have been huge, the holistic outcome has been as I say, outstanding.  


For me, some of the better outcomes from the past three years doing Bikram are:


v My skin glows and my hair is soft and easily manageable.

        (saving on makeup and shampoo a bonus)

v I stay calm - I just don’t sweat the small stuff anymore, I just breathe!

v I sleep like a baby, anxiety free!

v I no longer need to wear spectacles for driving.

v The varicose veins in my legs have disappeared by at least 50%

v I am stronger and fitter than ever, without bulky muscles.

v My skeleton has realigned and posture improved. I can easily run up stairs, twist and turn               without any pain.


My tips for anyone starting Bikram:

ü Hydrate yourself well before the class

ü Listen to the instructor

ü It is more important to do the exercises properly, than completely. Do not overextend yourself – listen to your body!

ü Breathe! If you do the exercise properly your, body will allow you to breathe.

ü Let the sweat do its job – cooling your body.

ü Stick at it, and enjoy the benefits I have.


Thanks Jack for introducing this life changing opportunity to me.


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